Michael Herwood was a photographer based in West Hartford, Connecticut. He discovered the power and pleasure of photography in 2006 when he said he mistakenly used a red filter #5 when shooting in color. The red glow created a wonderland of creative interpretation for a simple image he often shot at a frequently visited location on Lake George, New York.

His joy of photography grew as he and his friends and fellow photographers at work would occasionally meet early in the morning in a conference room. There, each would do a photo “show and tell” and the technical and aesthetic exchange helped grow his passion.

Michael loved hiking. Once he discovered the joy of combing this love with his new photographic passion, there was no stopping his travels. He liked to hike throughout the Adirondacks and Lake George, especially to capture the light and color during the fall season.

His first major photographic trip was chasing the landscape light to Yosemite in 2010.

Then, in March, 2012, Michael and his son, Dan, hiked the Grand Canyon. It was here Michael learned the power of the perfect light as a way to express his photographic vision.

In June, 2016, he and his friend and fellow photographer, Vinny Rossitto, hiked Switzerland and photographed the majestic light of the Matterhorn. Also that year, he continued to chase the light at Bryce Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Arches.

Michael also had an intense love of dogs and took many portraits. He always had a way of discovering the personality of the animal and capturing this with the best light and environment that showcased the animal’s personality.

As his creative eye matured, Michael experimented with street photography in New York City and also while in Switzerland. This is where he discovered the important confluence of line, shape, form, and color in respect to his photographic vision.

In March, 2017, Michael chased the light one last time to his final, great landscape adventure… by Vinny Rossitto...

…photo by Vinny Rossitto…